Sweet gesture Baked by Aditi during Corona crisis


Baker Aditi showered gratitude to policeman & commandoes with cake during the crisis

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the entire nation is coming forward to contribute to society. People are coming up with unique and interesting ways to support and motivate the frontliners who are risking their lives for helping others. Aditi Garware owner of Sweet Boutique by Aditi had specially baked few cakes for the police fraternity and presented them t the Kothrud police station, Pune.

While sharing her experience with Hospibuz she stated ” I wanted to do something to express my gratitude to the policemen who have been working day in and day out to ensure that we citizens are safe. The policemen are not thinking about their own lives or their families and working 24 x 7 in this lockdown situation. I bake cakes and I know the power of baking. A simple cake can bring a smile on a person‘s face & light up their day. I wanted to bake one for these public servants as a gratitude gesture but I didn’t know how to go about this in the lockdown situation”.

With the help of a journalist, she managed to get in touch with the local reporters who helped her to reach the police station in this lockdown situation. She presented self baked cakes to the on-duty policemen and the commando staff at the Kothrud police station. ‘I never felt so content, they were so happy! The twinkle in their eyes said it all. They were overworked, they were tired but the cakes got a big smile on their faces and that’s what we bakers want. Coincidentally it was one of the policeman’s birthday too! I conveyed the gratitude on behalf of all the citizens that we truly admire them, we respect & love them for all the amazing work they have been doing to fight this crisis.’ she added.

Cakes Baked By Aditi for the Police Fraternity

She followed governments guidelines and maintained proper distancing while her visit the police station and demonstrated that we as a whole can contribute to this fight against corona from where we are.