Tea Inspired Bar


Please tell us what motivated you to launch Tell Camellia BAR? 

Gagan Gurung:- As we both Asian Tea was always in our blood from day one. 

And I want to create something which represent Asia not only individual country but whole continent, which came with Tea Concept came to me 3 years ago but by the time market wasn’t ready for accept this kind of new bar and the technique so I have to kept it in my box. 

But when I meet my partner “Sandeep” during our venture in Mumbai .Who believed in concept and ready to ride with me for this. 

BTW true Camellia Sinensis is the mother plant of all the Tea. Which is our bar name got inspired from. 

If you could compare Hong Kong to a cocktail, which would it be? 

Gagan Gurung:- Umm Interesting question, if I could compare Hong Kong with cocktail it would be Martini clean, simple to make, hard to understand but if your not careful with it won’t taste good and would make you madman. 

Talking about India, in terms of Bar & Spirits Industry. What do you think India need more of? 

Gagan Gurung:- I would never judge or tell something about any city where didn’t spend enough time or experience but talking to my fellow bartenders around, according to their experience and what I felt in my last visit to India. India have lots of potentials and has very creative and passionate people but they are lacking the exposure which brands can help to bring more masterclasses, cocktail competitions, and guest shift from across the globe. 

But first how possible to do it but we should educate our consumer before we come out with any creativity or concept if you educate your costumer or guest then you have your guest who have little bit of knowledge about cocktails, premium spirits why they are paying or what they are paying for. 

Which city or country’s bars are you most impressed with? 

Gagan Gurung:- Ha.a.aha.ha. It’s Hong Kong definitely but here is started after Singapore. Singapore has a strong bar community and bar concepts, which always make me surprise always amazingly great bars and bartenders. 

Tell Camellia presents a unique drinking experience based on the marriage of Hong Kong’s beloved beverages: tea and cocktails, please tell us & what inspired you to this concept? 

Gagan Gurung:- As I already mentioned born Asian, Tea is in our daily diet from day one. Also if you look in to history of Hong Kong got some huge impact on Tea history from wars to love. Hong Kong also the place which can adapt the unique and new concept in their own unique ways. There couldn’t be a better place then Hong Kong to start Tea & Cocktails, which also pushed us to bring the concept in here. 

Share with us the thought behind Tea Camellia Bar Menu designing? 

Gagan Gurung:- Our cocktails contain 100% teas (black, green or oolong, white, brown) all kind of Tea which come from Camellia Sinensis

We have 2 signature sections in our menu 

Gagan Gurung:- Tea-tails- which we got single region tea from various places and we name after them like we have tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon tea) we name the cocktail Sri Lanka. Same we have Australia, Kenya, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan.

Tea-Tonic We infused different kind of tea along side some flavors’ with Gin then we re-distilled those Gin help of “Rotovap” then served with Tonic water. We have Mango & Strawberry Black tea Gin Kyoho grape & Sakura with Blend of Black & Green Tea Gin 

What do you see for the future of bars and cocktails ? 

Gagan Gurung:- We all know there will be lots of creative and unique concept and bars are coming everyday but what we are lacking is the experience and service in which is crucial in our industry. Creating cocktails can be easier then creating memories & experience with service and smiles. So I see the future of bars will be owned or run by bartenders who are more passionate people who will create the memories and experience in place (rather then focusing on money) Bartenders owned bar would be next thing, which already started. I can name some COA ( Jay Khan), The Wise King ( Sandeep Kumar & Joe) 

Given a chance which celebrity would you like to invite at Tell Camellia and what cocktail would you suggest him/her to try? 

Gagan Gurung:- I would invite “George Clooney” and ask him to make one TV add with cup of tea (instead of Coffee) ha.ha..a 

How important is the shape and design of the glass in which the drink/ cocktail is served to the customer? 

Gagan Gurung:- I think it’s very very important to look and research in to a glassware before you serve in the cocktail. First for taste, aroma or the sensation then it will come to visibility (or gram which is trend now) is very important same as why we don’t drink whiskey in wine glass or why we don’t drink wine in whiskey glass, your glass can also tell the story of your drinks.

Used to be we only think glasses are the only options to serve the cocktails but now days we have so many choices from ceramic to metal or brass but again you need to be very careful what are you serving in which material sometime it can cause negative reactions to your cocktail or body.