The Baker’s nest gave me wings to fly!


Baking is a stress buster for you… what do enjoy most in baking and what is baking for you? 

Razia Sisodiya:- Baking allows me to bring out my skills. It’s an art form which reflects my creativity. What I enjoy doing most is playing with different ingredients and flavors. First, you eat your food with your eye and then your mouth, so I make sure that my bakes are pleasing to the eve as well as tongue.

How different is it to make a faultline cake with edible flowers as compared to Drip cake or fondant cake? 

Razia Sisodiya:- All three have different techniques to follow.  

In a faultline cake you have to put a layer of frosting and then another layer with some gap in between to create a fault like appearance. 

A drip cake is done by frosting the cake and then pouring chocolate to form drips.

While a fondant cake has many variations. You can actually put any design in your mind over it. 

Q3. Which aspect of opening The Baker’s Nest has been the most fun or what are you looking forward to most? 

Razia Sisodiya:- “The Baker’s nest” gave me wings to fly. My motto is to make a person’ s special day more special, to make their special moments more memorable.  I want it to be known for its unique mouth-watering bakes which clients relish all their lives.

Do you remember your first baking success, like the first time you made a cupcake or macaroon or the first time the cake was actually as spongy as it needed to be?

Razia Sisodiya:- Macarons are very finicky. Just one extra move of the spatula and they are ruined.  So the first time when they came out perfectly baked and shaped, I literally shouted EUREKAAA!!

How do you stay creative day after day, year after year? 

Razia Sisodiya:- I believe if you stop learning,  you stop growing. Each day is a new learning experience.  I keep myself updated with the latest trends around the world.  I try to give something unique and interesting. That is why I do more quality work than quantity.

What is innovation for you? Do you feel a pressure to innovate? 

Razia Sisodiya:- Innovation is bringing out new techniques which can be used to improvise the taste and look of your bakes. Baking is my passion, it’s an art for me so I don’t feel the pressure. 

Please tell us how you get an idea of making Stenciled brownies? 

Razia Sisodiya:- Brownies are enjoyed the way they are without any fancy decorations. 

This was an order for pre school kids. Suddenly I remembered this animal stencil which I had collected from one of my baking tours. So I thought that it’s the perfect time to use it.  Later I tried different designs and they were absolutely fascinating. 

How do you make sure that customers receive a tall cake appropriately and without getting spoilt? 

Razia Sisodiya:- The basic structure of the cake should be sturdy to make transportation safe. We work on proper cake base boards and dowelling of tiers. A strong box is used to pack. it Then its placed on a  flat surface in an air conditioned vehicle. All these steps are followed to ensure safe delivery. 

How important is the cake plunger cutter for a baker? Which is your favourite brand when it comes to cake plunger cutter? 

Razia Sisodiya:- These small tools make life easy for a baker. I just love my alphabet cutter from PME. They are so easy to work with and give a clean finish.