The bakery where all cakes are homemade


What do you love most about your job? 

Shraddha Kapoor:- It brings out the best creative aspect of my persona. Having a degree in Interior Designing and relative subjects also provides me an opportunity to put in the knowledge that I acquired into designer cakes. 

Why do you think macarons have become so popular? 

Shraddha Kapoor:- My baking experience over the years has a thing or two to say about macarons. Firstly, some people prefer it for it’s multi-purpose use in decorating cakes. Secondly, it’s content of almonds makes it quite appealing to the parents for providing nutritional value to their wards. Last but not the least, it’s uniqueness in its preparation makes it out of the box kind of item, which is almost unavailable in regular bakery shops and also a far cry for quite a few bakers. 

Can you share the funniest or most interesting story that has happened to you since you became a baker ? 

Shraddha Kapoor:- I really had some funny moments during the past few years as a homebaker. One of them I can recall is of cake pops that I prepared for a party. During one of my workshops, one of the participant’s 4-year-old son found his way to my refrigerator and relished upon the cake pops. By the time I could know, the kid had finished 4 of them and I had to take a pause and engage the participants into completing the party order. 

What demand do you see in chandelier cakes? 

Shraddha Kapoor:- It is one of the themes which has gained immense popularity in recent past. From metros, the chandelier cakes are now making their presence felt in smaller centres too. With the Advent of various sizes of chandelier stands, I foresee significant growth in the times to come.

Please tell us a story about the hard times that you faced when you first started your journey. 

Shraddha Kapoor:- Coming from a conservative family, it was very difficult for me to market my creations. Secondly, it was quite problematic to work in a small place like Shahjahanpur, U.P , where I stay to arrange the raw materials of suitable quality and branded products that go into baking. Overcoming all these obstacles, pricing of the products was again a very sensitive issue because as a home baker , I could not compromise on the quality and designing aspects. Last but not the least, it took sometime to generate confidence amongst the clients that I could be able to deliver large orders. 

Where do you find inspiration for new designs or new products? 

Shraddha Kapoor:- With the Advent of fast internet and smooth data transfer, the clients come up with challenging queries time and again which insights my creative aspects. My engagement fellow home bakers and suppliers on social media also provide lots of inputs regarding new trends and ideas. 

What is chocolate to you as a baker? 

Shraddha Kapoor:- In my view, the importance of chocolate in baking is equivalent to having salt in food. It’s really hard to imagine bakes without chocolate. 

In 1 line, what is baking and cake decoration to you? 

Shraddha Kapoor:- All I can say is baking and cake decoration is my passion and my life-line. 

What is the most essential thing in baking and cake decoration? 

Shraddha Kapoor:- Baking essentially requires following the basic thumb rules to the core, whereas, cake decoration not only requires dedication, concentration, innovation, but also a passion to come out with something unique in every creation.