The cakes made with experience and innovation


Your duo as a mother-daughter has created beautiful cakes. tell us how you both reach a conclusion for producing a new creation?

Prajakti & Rucha Rao:- Reaching to a conclusion is a long and tedious task because of so many different and varied ideas we both get. as two minds working on a single product, our ways to approach the designing and execution are a bit different and that is exactly our strength. we always think about what will look best out of the ideas, what will taste amazing out of all the combinations and what will best please the client out of all the options we have thought of. most of the time, it just so happens that one of us has a eureka moment and we put our heads together on how to execute the grand idea..! we always look for ways to connect the client to the cake. the special personal touch to the cake is what makes it so special to the client as well as to us, because every cake of our tells a story, depicts the person/ client and is unforgettable because of its customisation. 

Congratulation Prajakti for winning the second position in the All India Cake Fest please share your winning moment with us? 

Prajakti & Rucha Rao:- It was a theme based cake decorating competition – the theme being MY BIGGEST DREAM. My winning cake was our earth globe which was shown half dug due to the greed of the humans for energy resources like coal, natural gas, water, etc. The earth has enough for everyone’s need but not enough for anyone’s greed.. so using resources optimally, sharing & caring for others & taking measures collectively before it’s too late is my biggest dream. When I got called on stage to accept my prize, initially I was stunned. An eminent panel of Judges on stages appreciated my cake – not just for its look & presentation but also for flavour fullness. I remember I had used Hazelnut Gianduja as a filling & our judge – Chef Vivek Kadam was very impressed with the accuracy of flavour & texture of my cake. Getting huge compliments from chefs whom we followed, getting valuable insights was more rewarding than just being in the limelight. Of course, it’s my very first award & hence will always hold a special place in my heart. 

What was the trigger to open Simply Relish?

Prajakti & Rucha Rao:- It started in May 2015 or so, when prajakti attended some cupcake classes and posted pictures of her own baked products. the response was overwhelming.! the customers not only praised the looks but also the flavour profile of the baked goods. so a couple of months later prajakti came up with the idea of starting a small home-run business! that will give its customers flavoursome bakes that are absolutely the best in quality and freshness.! 

How Simply Relish’s stands for finesse, quality and freshness? 

Prajakti & Rucha Rao:- We always try and give the best to our clients. we have a simple motto: “bakes that you can trust for quality”. we always endeavour to use the finest and freshest quality of ingredients. this results in superior product quality as well. we have put so much time and effort to hone our skills as bakers and pastry chefs, working alongside some of the best chefs has also given us an edge over others when it comes to finesse and having a specific line of thought and clarity while executing a product. we always want to give something over and above what is expected of us!   

What values do you want to transmit to children with your baked products?

Prajakti & Rucha Rao:- Always strive for excellence. don’t leave any stone unturned. try your hardest to be the best! there are so many values that can be put forth to children actually. what you sow is what you reap, is something that’s actually what we follow. using the best to make the best, isn’t it! simply relish also aims high, dreams big and then finds a way for the extravagant ideas to come to life! that’s what we’d like to tell kids… dream big and find ways to make it happen. it’s always possible…! 

Do you think this mother-daughter duo have helped you to make some exceptionally Bake products?

Prajakti & Rucha Rao:- Definitely! with being older and having seen the world, comes wisdom and the general “know-how” . with being young comes boundless energy and wacky ideas! it makes for a perfect amalgamation to make cakes that are over the top in terms of designing and so flavourful at the same time.! the classics are never going to go out of fashion, while on the other hand, there are new trends always popping up..! it works beautifully that we have the best of both worlds.! 

How would you describe your experience at Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts?

Prajakti & Rucha Rao:- We both did this diploma de patisserie from Lavonne in 2017. We both were too thrilled to shift base to Bangalore for 6 months & learn new techniques from the best in the Industry & from the best of the chef instructors at Lavonne. Learning systematically evolved us. The course included desserts & breads from all around the world. The latest techniques were practised there. Got our hands on some really good international pastry books at their library. Got a chance to work in their Cafe’s commercial kitchen for few days.. And apart from learning few new desserts & breads, learning theory about food handling, food temperatures, hygiene & much more… we both were extremely lucky & picked up by Lavonne for 3 full days to assist world-class Pastry Chefs – Chef Gary Mehigan, Chef Elena Duggan, Chef Adriano Zumbo, Chef Joonie Wong & chef Ranveer Brar who had come to Bangalore for WORLD ON A PLATE, 2017. So all in all, we are proud to be Lavonne alumni & feel blessed to have got this chance to study at prestigious Lavonne Academy and gain a whole world of knowledge, knowhow & skills which can last our lifetime. Surely the BEST !!! 

Do you see the increase in demand of the macaroon in India and how did you get the idea of designing and decorating the macaroon?

Prajakti & Rucha Rao:- These traditional french cookies have made a permanent place in the hearts of the people in India. they’re definitely increasing in demand because of its different flavour and the novelty of getting them! that is actually quite finicky to make, but once you’ve got the hang of making them, the sky is literally the limit. the flavour options are limitless and the looks of them are so pretty and dainty too! as per simply relish custom, we wanted to give our customers something that no one else was offering ..! and that’s where the idea of hand painting the macarons came from..! the macarons are our canvas and we, the self-appointed Micheal Angelo’s hand paint each shell to make it that more special..! due to our niche clientele, the flavours we deliver are quite exotic as well. black sesame with raspberry, mango and passionfruit with coconut, sour cherry and 70% dark chocolate, raspberry with black pepper are some examples..! 

One line in which you would like you describe mother-daughter duo in the bakery world.

Prajakti & Rucha Rao:- Prajakti: The best thing about us is we’re limited edition.

Rucha: if you say, you’re cooler than me! does that make me hotter than you? (one of us is definitely cooler and the other hotter 😉 )