The First Man To Bring Tapioca Seeds to India.


After numbers of international trips and deep analysis wanderlust, Dr.Adnan Sarkar decided to break the trend of milkshakes and coffees in the Indian market. Then he decided to work on the concept of the Bubble tea. After lots of hard work and innovations, he launched a young and dynamic tea cafe brand Dr.Bubbles.During his interaction with Hospitality Lexis, he discussed various aspects of the industry and his brand. 

HospiBuz:- How is the idea of Dr. Bubbles struck you? Any specific reason behind the name?

Mr. Adnan Sarkar:- According to my travels, I do lots of International trips, I see which is the most trending in the food industry as I am big foodie. I try to see that is the in-things right now the most trending this is Bubble Tea all over the world. If you see in India, Milkshakes has arrived, waffles arrived, so I feel the next trend still to come, because right now the most trending thingsover the western countries and south Eastern countries it is bound to come over here and I saw no body has done justice to Bubble Tea concept and thought lets do something nice and I did it.

The reason behind the name is that we wanted to create a sector of healthy refreshment or healthy junk food. So that’s why the Bubble is named which is the careless or junk going out kind of person and Doctor is the healthy part of it so actually having Dr. Bubbles together. Hence the name “ Dr. Bubbles”

HospiBuz:- What is the USP of your beverages, which makes it unique?

Mr. Adnan Sarkar:- Firtly we try to sell it on its uniqueness. The uniqueness how do we make. So all our Ice-tea and all our refreshment made from natural products like coffees, teas , shakes, yogurts and then we add our Bubbles , jellies and tapioca pearls. We make it more like sundaes, how you make an ice-cream sundae. Here we making sundae out of your drinks as such, so you have pop or you have something to nibble on in every sip you have. It gives that you have a different experience and people like to have different experience altogether.

HospiBuz:- In the present era, your product should be unique. What is the speciality of the waffles served in Dr. Bubbles?

Mr. Adnan Sarkar:- Ok everyone is doing Belgium waffles and we really wanted to give something different so you know everyone is copying Belgium waffles we really wanted to get another concept of waffles so we got into this American Waffles which are really nice in fat. Basically they are waffles only but overall the texture comes out completely different so if you turn out to like our waffles there are no other option you know you cant, like for example if you like Belgium waffles then another 10      brands doing it. With our brands, we are the only brands doing American waffles. So we started bubble Waffles, the pancakes something very new we started the waffle nachos, its like de-contructed ice-cream , an ice-cream we can share with ten people.

HospiBuz:- You consider Dr. Bubbles as an innovator. So how you manage to keep Dr. Bubbles ahead of others in the same product category.

Mr. Adnan Sarkar:- Yes I really do because we have actually taken two three traditional concepts and we have really grown with it and we have actually seen how to get to the taste of Indian people and my suppliers who are from Taiwan and they have come and seen the products and they have seen that how much we have taken the products ahead then theirs also.

We keep on innovating, we don’t get stuck with one conept. We try to keep on innovating slight variations in every kind of our products so that people get variety every time they come.

HospiBuz:- What are tapioca pearls? And how they enhance the experience of drinks at Dr. Bubbles?

Mr. Adnan Sarkar:- Tapiocal pearls are basically made from Sago brands or tapioca plants and they are black pearls. Normally you get sabudana white which is very famous in India. This is same thing in black. Actually it gives you a nice feeling if you want have a nice heavy drink with some milk and tapioca have really works but now we will forayed more into popping bubbles. We actually mimic the tapioca pearls, balls and jellies and it has taken the idea of bubble tea and we have grown with it.

HospiBuz:- Dr. Bubbles is in catering and events too. What are the major challenges that catering and events companies are facing in the present market?

Mr. Adnan Sarkar:- Yes we do lots catering and events and exhibitions. Our target is the 15 to 30 bracket, birthday parties, marriages. People who want to give something different to their guests as the product is completely different . so if you go to see marriage is the same thing all over again and again and it gives a different element to it and yeah we have made a portable set up in which we do a limited number of flavours for events and so it becomes easier to do it.

HospiBuz:- In this competitive market, what you do to retain your customers?

Mr. Adnan Sarkar:- I feel we give them value, we give them variety we go on adding things to the menu that’s the taste-bit and then we go on doing a lot offers and we have lots of loyalty bonuses. All the regular stuff is there and main thing is we go on giving varieties and the health benefit and the guilt-free kind of products, which they do not mind repeating again and again.

HospiBuz:- How do you maintain your brand value and quality despite franchising?

Mr. Adnan Sarkar:- This is one of the biggest challenges we have right now. Continuous monitoring is one of the biggest thing and another is control over the raw- materials. We try to control how much we can over the raw material but we do have some pilferage from some franchises which we again try to monitor in a stronger way as such. Those are part and parcel of franchising you know in which your franchisee is trying to do something else and we try to control them and we find a solution as in and how it comes as such

HospiBuz:- How different is it to serve Dr. Bubbles Chai, in your café as compared to an event catering?

Mr. Adnan Sarkar:- Basically very similar because our shops and the Event that we both serve in the same style because in shops also we serve in the QSR format in portable throw away cups or glasses only. We do not use any glass, bottle or any thing in which we have to wash. So the experience is basically the same, whatever you get at the shop , same experience you get at the catering event. The experience at the shop is also like you take it and leave it kind of concept.

HospiBuz:- What are the requirements to get your franchise? Please share with our readers?

Mr. Adnan Sarkar:- Basically we require 250 sq ft shop with the water connection. It has to be a real prime place we know exactly what we are so more of a time-pass, impulsive buy, kind of products that is kind of target audience we have. Anywhere there is a population of our target audience, say like the 15-30 bracket an accumulation of that kind of crowd, that place works and the most and most important thing we need a nice motivated franchisee, that is one of the biggest requirement we have rather that just a person to put money into it.

Thank you so much for your prestigious time!!

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