The Frost Goddess


What motivated you to be a baker and when did you decide to start The Frost Goddess and Cake decoration with Rinky Kothari? 

Rinky Kothari:- Watching a Sanjeev Kapoor cookery show was my first inspiration to step into the world of baking. I started baking as a hobby back in 2014…later developed a deep sense of passion towards it ….hence decided to start “The Frost Goddess” in 2015, having been in business for almost 4 years …I started receiving a lot of requests for teaching …and hence started “cake decoration with Rinky Kothari” in 2019. 

What are your thoughts on Australian patisserie products and how different they are from Indian products? 

Rinky Kothari:- Australian patisserie products are more of a combination of several layers of different flavours of sponges and mousse or cream and while Indian patisserie products are more straightforward!! 

Please tell us, what is more important: innovation, flavour, or the look of the dish? 

Rinky Kothari:- First will always be eye-appeal !! If it is not indulgent or pretty enough to look at ..I don’t think anyone is gonna wanna try the dessert !! 

When it comes to baking,which is your favourite brand in terms of ingredients and why? 

Rinky Kothari:- My favourite brand of the ingredient will be Hershey’s cocoa …cos chocolate-based desserts are my best sellers …and I would never wanna try any other brand …other than Hershey’s!!

What’s more important,–cooking a dish“correctly”or just making it delicious? 

Rinky Kothari:- As far as baking is concerned …if you are not doing it right …then the result will not be delicious … So definitely to make a dish delicious you have to cook it correctly !! 

What was the last thing you baked for someone, what was the occasion? 

Rinky Kothari:- Recently I have been working on more sugar pieces …we made a completely edible Eiffel tower (3.5 ft tall)…to be placed at a restaurant in a mall in Chennai …this was made as an attraction for v-day !! 

Tell us about Mithais, how do you incorporate Mithai Flavours in your cakes? 

Rinky Kothari:- I specialise in making Rasmalai cake and gulab jamun cake !! We make our mithais from scratch …we also have a regular vendor who supplies to us when in need !! We do not depend on artificial flavours to create these desserts!! 

How often do you think these Bake shows should be organised and how expos & bakery events can help bakers? 

Rinky Kothari:– Bake shows are an amazing platform for bakers and artists like us to showcase our talents and try out of the box ideas …as we generally do not get to do this when working with clients !! It is also an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people and increase your networking and knowledge !!