The Journey from Disaster to Delicacy


Tell us more about Rohini’s Cake Tales, how did you start baking?

Rohini Punjabi:- I am Rohini Punjabi now Vaidhya a Pune based home baker. I am an MBA by profession and a Cake Artist by passion. I am into theme based cakes and cupcakes, I love to bake cakes for kids as it always gives me a fairytale feel. I also take regular classes for basic to advance cakes, fondant cakes, breads of various varieties, biscuits, cookies, desserts and many more.

When I completed my MBA, due to some uncertain circumstances I was not able to go and get a job, so I started investing my time in the things I love (baking and cooking). As a cake lover, I always wanted to bake my cake. After many failed attempts I baked my first successful sponge cake at the age of 23.

Like everyone, my first baking experience was a disaster. But I was aware of the fact so it did not hurt me. It was good in taste but yes it was not as good as what cakes are meant to be.

Soon I took the job in an Insurance Broking Firm. After working there for 2 years I wasn’t happy from inside. Soon I realized that I was not very happy with the regular desk job in a company. I realized that I was fond of baking and passionately enjoyed it as a hobby and so in March 2016. I decided to take my passion to a professional level and chose to become a home baker. My Mother is a true source of inspiration. She is the best friend, philosopher and guide to me. I got the power to leave my job as HR and start my career as an entrepreneur is also because of her. She has given the power to my wings to achieve my dreams. In my family, she was the first lady who left her government job to start her boutique.

This is when Rohini’s Cake Tales was born. In April 2016 I just went ahead and took the step to give my hobby a name, I was brave enough to take that step as somewhere my mother had already made a way for us to listen to our heart and follow our dreams.

What would be your dream project? What are you looking forward to?

Rohini Punjabi:- I want to make my workspace a cake studio where I can spend most of my time also I want to make a huge and unique cake from which I can make a valuable contribution.

Rohini’s best-kept secret?

Rohini Punjabi:- I am a very extrovert person so as such I don’t have and I don’t believe in keeping any secrets. I believe in sharing is caring and also I believe the more you give the best comes out of and for you.

Can you list for us your top 5 creative resources across any media?

Rohini Punjabi:- Like everyone, my favourite resources are Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and of course Facebook.

Your Rasmalai cakes have been a hit. Please tell us what other Mithai flavours you’re working with? Can we see Kaju Katli cake in future?

Rohini Punjabi:- Not only Ras malai, my Mango Rose cake was also featured in the Times Of India. Both of them were featured in the Times and gave me a good client base. I have tried many other mithai flavours also known as fusion cakes in Gajar Halwa, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Kala Jamun, Motichoor Ladoo, Rabdi Jalebi and many others. Kaju Katli is already done by me, so answer to your question is yes its already in the market now.

Tell us about the most used ingredient by you, where do you get it from?

Rohini Punjabi:- The most used ingredient used in Vanilla extract and vanilla beans. I mostly get that from amazon.

How do you make sure that customers receive a tall cake appropriately and without getting spoilt?

Rohini Punjabi:- For tall cakes, I mostly use dowels in the centre and also in a triangle shape so it holds the cake properly, also I use cake boards to extra secure it. Again I use tall boxes, mostly by joining them so it won’t damage the cake. And always send them through cab by placing towels as a base for the cake so that it helps as an absorber and protects the cake by damaging.

If you ever get a chance to Bake for a celebrity or a celebrity chef, who would it be? And what will you bake?

Rohini Punjabi:- If you ask for a celebrity then I have fortunately baked a cake for Padmashri Pt Usha in the year 2019 for Little Millenium Kids Marathon where she was invited as a chief guest. But if you ask me for whom I want to bake in future, then my answer will be for Michelin Star Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna. Somewhere I follow him, I respect him and want to be like him.