The Magic Of Members Of LGBT In Hospitality Industry


HospiBuz Desk

Now, who does not remember 6th September 2018? I am sure you do. The history made on this day brought a smile on many faces. Many people who were neglected and humiliated by society, they received their rights. Their gender was accepted that day. Their love triumphed against all norms of society.  You already got a hint dude. Article 377 was abolished that day by Supreme Court of India.

We all know how the LGBT community is treated in this society. They are humans as well and they have all the rights to be happy, To marry the person they love.  Afterall we live in a Democratic country. Don’t we? Fighting against this Article 377 devil was not an easy task. It took time and hard work of some people. Some of these heroes are from the Hospitality Industry. And believe me, they are well-known personalities. They are bold and undaunted and they are happy the way they are.

Chef Ritu Dalmia

Ritu Dalmia, a well-known celebrity chef, very popular after she designed the amazing menu of the Virushka’s dream-wedding. She is a lesbian and she is not ashamed of it. She is bold and fearless. No doubt Ritu is a very famous and excellent chef. She is also a social activist, who fights for the rights of the LGBT community. In 2016 she with other people file the case against Article 377 and after a lot of hard work and dedication, they finally won.

Aman Nath

Aman Nath is a famous Indian Writer and a hotelier. Well, a unique hotelier I should say! He is the co-founder and co-chairman of Neemrana Hotels chain. He is the pioneer of heritage hotel moments in India. Since 1991 he has acquired 25 heritage properties and turned them into royal hotels. He has written several books on Rajasthan and Indian arts. 

He is a member of the LGBT community and he is also one of the five members who filed a petition against Article 377 in 2016. Their hard work has paid off. 

Keshav Suri 

Keshav Suri is an Indian Entrepreneur and a social activist from New Delhi. The is the Executive Director of Bharat Hotels. He is a member of the LGBT community and he fights for gay rights. He is married to an Italian guy, Cyril Feuillebois. He was one of the five petitioners who were against Article 377. After hearing the decision from the court he hosted Tri-color in his hotel. They even celebrated on their victory. 

People from the LGBT community are also humans. Give them equal respect. They are not weak. Abolition of Article 377 is the first step towards their happiness.