The nail tale of Macarons


For an engineer to love art and creativity is something rare to find, please tell how you fell in love with baking? 

Meenaz Kuukshal:- Art has always been my favourite subject since school days it’s all about liking and choosing a career when I choose to engineer I thought it was best for me at that moment, and my creativity has always been an advantage as I use to score more marks in Engineering drawling compared to other subjects. Now engineering really helps me in understanding the structure of the cakes as in how to balance and distribute the weight and hence forth.

How important moulds are and which is your favourite brand that provides you with a perfect moulder? 

Meenaz Kuukshal:- Yes, moulds are really really important they are most time-Saving equipment in the caking world, shapes which are already moulded and ready to use is definitely a plus point. My favourite brand is marvellous moulds, Evil cake genius. For entremet I like moulds which are sturdy and are of good quality like Pavoni and Silikomart. 

You are a passionate photographer also how do you manage your schedule? 

Meenaz Kuukshal:- I like to challenge my self after all Baking and caking started with photography so I always have some buffer time for photography no Matter what

Do you see the increase in demand of the macaron in India, where do you get the inspiration for designing macaron or how do you play with flavours? 

Meenaz Kuukshal:- Yes definitely demand Macarons is rapidly increasing as people are getting aware of French desserts. Sometimes I get inspiration from Pinterest but most of the time I design my Macarons according to NAILArt, sometimes it’s vice a versa my nail art matches the Macarons

How does a combination of being an amazing photographer and fansactic bakes help you grow and enhance your career in both fields ? 

Meenaz Kuukshal:- I feel it goes hand in hand for someone who is not into photography has to spend a lot on the photographer and built the portfolio for me it’s an added advantage, as far as enhancing is concerned I like to research a lot and keep myself updated according to the trends in the market you have to up your game to be in the business 

Given a chance, what would you like to change about the bakery world? 

Meenaz Kuukshal:- Underpricing, most of the bakers underprice their products and end giving heavy discounts.

Tell us about Indian Mithais, how do you incorporate mithai flavours in your baked items? 

Meenaz Kuukshal:- INDIAN flavours are a challenge, I recently made a RasMalai flavoured Macaron filling taste of which is very close to the actual dessert 

How did you get an idea of decorating cake with macarons ? 

Meenaz Kuukshal:- I keep looking for inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram 

Please define macarons in your own words. 

Meenaz Kuukshal:- Macarons are my love – small bright and pastel coloured sandwiched cookies and a treat to your eyes the moment you look at it you’ll fall in love