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A conversation with Mr Subhankar Bose, General Manager, Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel

Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel provides the service of Navigators to provide a great travelling experience to your guests. Please tell us how do these services make the guest stay more comfortable?

Mr Subhankar Bose: The Navigator is a service that is associated with the Renaissance Brand globally and as a function that guides spontaneous explorers to authentic local discoveries by sharing hand-picked recommendations for the best local places. It is a great opportunity for guests to explore the garden city and discover something new and intriguing about the local vicinity. From local eateries to shopping and heritage sites the Navigator is the one-stop-shop that you will need for newer discoveries and adventurous travel and site seeing opportunities.

Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel has the R bar. Sir, since people nowadays look for experience in hotels, please tell us how important it is for a hotel to have a bar?

Mr Subhankar Bose: The Renaissance brand globally has a very strong beverage culture and has an R bar in place at most of its hotels across the globe. In fact, the department at the Renaissance is not called the “Food & Beverage Department” it’s called the “Beverage & Food Department” laying the emphasis on its array of quirky and classic curated beverages. The R bar is an experience in itself, with daily activities like the signature “R-bar Rituals” which involves a gathering of everyone at the bar for a communal indigenous cocktail making session that incorporates at least one local ingredient. It’s an amazing way to connect with other patrons at the bar and also a very unique daily practice. “Evenings at Renaissance” is another brand pillar that invokes and uplifts your unwind quotient to another level with live music and entertainments from varied genres.

Since you have expertise in strategic planning and tactical management. Sir, please tell us how do you set the short and long term strategic goals for your hotel?

Mr Subhankar Bose: The process of goal setting is a team activity that involves deep-dive discussions with my executive community both individually and as a team. We create a vision for the property and an overall goal for the hotel each respective department has a key role in executing their due tasks and ensuring their respective goals are met. The culmination of all of each individual task takes us closer as a team to achieve both long term and short term goals for the hotel.

What role do you think guest interaction plays in the betterment of your hotel services?

Mr Subhankar Bose: Guest interaction is extremely important not only for myself as a leader but also all of the associates from my team, having an approachable outlook and getting hands-on inputs from our guests not only gives us real-time feedback but also insight on how to further enhance the experience and stay. The smallest attention to detail and empathizing with our guest requirements goes a long way in building loyalty for our brand but repeat patronage as well.

Millennials are focusing on Bleisure travel these days. What sort of services are you offering them?

Mr Subhankar Bose: At the hotel, we offer a wide array of services that cater to our Bliesure seekers. The “Navigator” service is an amazing gem from our array of signature services that enrich the guest’s experience. Our unique F&B offerings like Sunday Brunch, Sea Food Saturday and monthly promotions at our outlets featuring cuisines from across the globe is another touchpoint. The ancillary services of our state of the art fitness centre, rejuvenating spa and salon and the outdoor pool at the property all contribute to the focus on Bleisure.

Sir, please tell us how important is the front desk operation for a good stay of a guest? 

Mr Subhankar Bose: Front desk operations is extremely important in ensuring the guests have a good stay as they strive to create seamless impressions at the pre-check-in, check-in and post-check-out phase of the guest’s journey. They are the first point of contact from the time the guest arrives at the airport creating the first and last impression about our hotel’s services. They are also, in general, the one point of contact for the guests when they stay at the property and also assist with post-check-out phase.