“Treat guest like a Baby & respect them like a king”, is the policy followed by Ms.Lily Bernard, Spa Operational Manager, Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa, Bengaluru


Ms. Lily Bernard Spa Operational Manager at Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa, Bengaluru

Ms. Lily Bernard is the Spa Operational Manager in Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa since 2012. Her impressive experience of 18 years has helped Clarks Exotica to keep up the pace in the wellness industry.

Ms. Lily is qualified in M.A. Psychology and started her career with Serena spa (a leading international spa). She has been Spa Specialist in training and Spa Manager for about 13 years.Her experiences have helped Clarks Exotica to monitor daily sales activities, strategizing, and conceptualizing business development for the hotel. Immensely experienced in the wellness industry, she has helped Clarks Exotica to plan, forecast and drive the marketing tools available at hand to maximise the revenue of Seventh Heaven – one of the largest spa in India and with 14 treatment rooms at Clarks Exotica.

Know more about the working and responsibilities of Ms. Lily Bernard directly from her.

HospiBuz: You have been in the wellness industry for a long time so, what was your initial inspiration how you start into this industry

Ms. Lily Bernard: Wellness and spa concept is passion for me. I worked in a leading spa industry when I started where was very happy and was inspired to do something for the wellness industry. I got a lot of positive feedback from my guests that motivated and encouraged me to go further and grow in this industry.

HospiBuz: Could you tell us a little bit about Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa, the early days and how it has evolved over the years?

Ms. Lily Bernard: I can see a drastic change in Clarks exotica as I have been working here since 5 years. Clarks exotica set amidst 70 acres of sprawling greenery away from hustle and bustle, is a serene world of relation that started from 21 luxuries guest rooms to over the decade 140 well-appointed exotic rooms suites. Fully loaded conferencing facilities, expansive banquet halls, fine dining options and international standard and well equipped and professional spa. Over the period Clarks has become a destination resort for those who want to stay away from all the noise and pollution.

HospiBuz: Being Mentor of Clark’s exotica, what’s the most important factor that you consider for Business Development?

Ms. Lily Bernard: It’s more about how we pamper the guest, how hospitable we are. Spa is not just about taking a massage, it’s about the experience and that is the reason my business went up. Each customer who walks in is not a client or customer, He /She are my guest. These guests are carrying an experience which they will share with others. It’s the same with the other departments; everyone is attentive about the guests need and wants. Most of our guests at Clarks Exotica are here for weddings or office out bounds which is a part of a certain pre booked package hence we try to focus on the leisure guests/tourists who has more leisure time and would be interested in our Spa or any other activity of the resort.

HospiBuz: What concept and role does a spa play in the marketability of a property and bringing return guests?

Ms. Lily Bernard: The concept is treating the guest like a Baby and respect the guest like a king. For Seventh Heaven the guests come from the city that has no idea of the property and the other activities. After the Spa the guests are usually very happy with the service and we then educate them about the restaurant, then they think about the swimming pool, activities then they automatically want to see the property and they come again to book a room.

Indians lifestyle is changing towards the west. Also foreigners have always been enchanted with Ayurveda, nature therapy and other ‘exotic’ treatments. Yet another theory would state that Indians are becoming more and more health conscious and a gradual awareness is arising amongst all to lead healthy and fit lives. Along with the idea of being healthy from the outside, people now also want to look healthy from the inside and many are discarding layers of make up for rejuvenating facials. Along with that the term: “spa wellness” too has been doing the rounds in health dictionaries.

HospiBuz: With so much competition what is your plan of action in enhancing Clark’s exotica to be at the top and be the ultimate wellness destination?

Ms. Lily Bernard: The best hospitality to our guest will be by providing and enhancing guest needs we can make Clarks to be the ultimate wellness destination. There is a lot of competition and we want to retain our old guests by converting them to frequent guests or members. Also we attract new guests by certain marketing strategies, advertising, PR etc.

HospiBuz: Please give readers a brief overview of the Spa operation and plans, insofar as overall facilities, treatments, and services?

Ms. Lily Bernard: The seventh Heaven spa situated the beautiful resort Clarks exotica It is in the finest beauty of nature with 14 treatments rooms, international standard steam sauna and Vichy shower mass therapy equipment.

The special attraction is the couple spa with huge space and the ambience and professional therapy by therapist.

We have different therapies from Indian massages like Ayurveda, western massages, Thai, hydro indulgence with hydro therapy. We also have beauty therapy, salon. Accordingly we plan out Spa menu and introduce unique massages.

Future plans is to introduce the retail sale, want to enhance the experience by bring in more aromas, therapies.

HospiBuz: You strategized and planned for wellness spa industry, so what was the biggest challenging moment in your life and how you tackled it?

Ms. Lily Bernard: Creating awareness by consulting every guest. Spa consists of a delicate blind of the mind, body & spirit experience involving all five senses. I believe that a Spa is wellness in its purest form & the concept is towards papering wellness, anti-stress beautifying & using oriented traditions in order to create unique Spa experience. The main challenging I faced defiantly guest question towards cross gender therapies and by experiences and professional attitude I easily tackled

HospiBuz: Can you tell us about some accomplishments, awards and your outstanding contribution towards wellness industry?

Ms. Lily Bernard: Yes I have got the best Spa manager award in my previous organisation, The ela spa from cochin. I have got the award for best HOD of the 1st quarter of 2015 and the best groomed HOD of the year at Clarks.

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Ms. Lily Bernard: More articles on the treatments and services in the industry spreading more awareness to the guests about various trends, precautions and technology in the industry to the readers.

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