Unique Restaurants in the World


HospiBuz Desk

Theme based restaurants are trendy these days. Don’t you think so? Believe it or not. So many restaurants in the world have weirdest themes, you can ever think of in their life. Here are a few theme based restaurants around the world.

El Diablo-Spain

It is an extraordinary restaurant in Spain. People visiting this restaurant and people working in it are too brave. The food in this restaurant is cooked on an active volcano. They have a hole in the ground which opens in an active volcano.

Eternity Restaurant-Ukraine

This restaurant gives a creepy dining experience. It is built as a large coffin with no windows. The decor of the restaurant is totally done on the basis of funeral and coffin. Their menu is also inspired by death.

Aurum Clinis Restaurant- Singapore

As the name suggests. The theme of this restaurant is based on hospital-theme. One can wonder if they serve the food of patients or the food filled with nutrients.

Rogo’s – Abu Dahabi

This restaurant is very unique and interesting. You’ll not be attended by a waiter on your table. The customers are given tablets and they have to give order through tablets. The message goes to the kitchen and later food comes down sliding through the roller coaster, straight to your table.

Chillout Restaurant-Dubai UAE

No matter what the season is, you need your winter-wear to enter this restaurant. You’ll be frozen in its surroundings. The temperature is extremely low. As soon as you enter the restaurant, they serve you a hot welcome drink to defrost you. 

Barbie Cafe- Taiwan

is like a dream come true for all the Barbie lovers. The restaurant is filled with pink colour. You’ll find yourself in a dollhouse, once you enter this restaurant.

Hajime Robot Restaurant- Japan

The name itself says everything. You’ll be attended and served by robots when you go to this restaurant.

Mars 2112- Newyork

This restaurant has the looks of Mars. All red and orange. The waiting staff is dressed differently. You can not imagine that you are on earth if you are sitting in this restaurant.