We must have separate Tourism and Hospitality Universities in India: Dr. Sandip S Tapkir


HospiBuz:- Brief our readers about All India Hospitality Educators’ awards.

Dr. Sandip S Tapkir:- All India Hospitality Educators’ Awards 2019 is sponsored by Connect Canana Immigration Service Inc. and in association with Ajeenkya D Y Patil University School of Hotel Management Pune and Society for Hospitality Educators and Media partner Hospibuzz.

It is my pleasure to introduce the award ceremony first time ever happening in the city of Pune which covers more than 100 hospitality/hotel management institutes and 1000 plus principals, teachers/professors and hospitality educators across India. It is truly a jumbo gathering of all the principals and professors who are dedicated and spent their time and skill for the sake of hospitality education.

Now it is our time to recognized and reward all these hardcore hospitality educators who have transformed the millions of lives not only India but across the globe. I am fully overwhelmed and have no words to express my gratitude towards all these hospitality educators. Hats off to all of you for the commendable contribution and dedication towards hospitality education.

We have decided to call upon all these big people on one platform who had tirelessly served the hospitality education. We felt that, yes we need to acknowledge their contribution and recognized their importance to the overall skill development into the hospitality and tourism industry.

Hereby, I request all the principals, directors, professor and faculties throughout India, to come forward and let’s do this ceremony in a grand manner for our hospitality community.

This is the platform created as Society for Hospitality Educators.

I’m sure all of you would join this first ever of its kind association solely dedicated to the hospitality teachers. There are many things together we can do on this platform. I urge all of you irrespective of government or private or affiliated or autonomous institute we are one as hospitality educators. So let’s unite under this umbrella and do the change into hospitality education. This award ceremony will be continued every year and rotated to zonal parts of our association (North/South/West/East).

HospiBuz:- What is the main objective and goal of hospitality educators’ awards?

Dr. Sandip S Tapkir:- The aim and objective of this award ceremony are to recognize the contribution given by the professors/principals/faculties towards the hospitality and tourism education in public and private institutions in India. This is our honest effort to reward the hospitality educators in different categories such as best principal/professors/associate/assistant professors and faculties in various department and subject wise into hospitality and tourism institutes.


To recognize and reward the hospitality principal, professors and teachers.

To emphasize and highlight the contribution of hospitality educators.

To motivate the hospitality educators towards research and development.

To establish and unite as an association of the hospitality educators pan India.

To look after the welfare and assistance to the hospitality educators fraternity.

To create leadership into hospitality education and industry.

HospiBuz:- What is your vision and mission as President for Society for Hospitality Educators?

Dr. Sandip S Tapkir:- The mission of the SHE is to propel in the profession of hospitality education and as educators, to develop outstanding educators, scholars, and researchers for the betterment of the Hospitality sector and the people working for the hospitality education.

Vision Becoming a global leader into the hospitality skill training and education, through strong hospitality educator’s base, research and leadership into hospitality education and industry.

HospiBuz:- What steps should be taken to enhance the hospitality education quality of the nation?

Dr. Sandip S Tapkir:- Honestly speaking, India is far way behind into hospitality and tourism education. Government of India as of till date not really recognized tourism and hospitality potential in India, This sector is not categorized as the industry as its own by the govt. It is in the service sector. We must have separate Tourism and Hospitality University in India.

Steps suggested:

♦ We all need to understand the importance and potential of the hospitality and tourism industry in all sense (jobs/opportunities/scope/revenue/ culture impact etc.). 

♦  Hospitality education must be provided with the right approach and as per the industry need.

♦  Need close synchronization into the hospitality industry and institutes. 

♦  Hospitality units must allow hospitality institutes wholeheartedly support as skill development and training internships into hotels. 

♦ Teaching Faculty must be valued and given that importance with proper facilities and support to teach students. 

♦ Research is lagging behind into hospitality and tourism. Institute must promote the research into hospitality. 

♦ Constant faculty development and training need to be provided. 

♦ Students drain off: The major issue with hospitality education is students diversion to another sector, many students do not continue into hotel jobs as a career due to nature of the work, salary packages/ time constraint and low growth in the job. 

♦ The hospitality industry must regulate working hours and conditions.

HospiBuz:- How associations like WICA help emerging professionals of the industry?

Dr. Sandip S Tapkir:- WICA- and much more association of the hospitality, culinary and tourism working towards the development of the industry skills. But the pace, reachability, quantity, and quality of such organizations are very less. We need more active and dedicated organization towards hospitality and tourism development.

HospiBuz:- What benefits does student get from various international tie-ups?

Dr. Sandip S Tapkir:- 

1. Global exposure and cultural exchange 
2. Understanding the global hospitality and its scale and mapping the need for improvement into Indian hospitality. 
3. Learning global skill and training 
4. Higher education opportunities. 
5. Global working opportunities. 

6. Tourism is a global phenomenon, the advantage to learn the zest of the tourism and hospitality industry.

7. Knowing the global standards and accreditation of the hospitality industry. 

Thank you so much for your prestigious time!!

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