With family recipes, I started baking my journey!


When did you decide that becoming a pastry chef was the career path for you? 

Aarohee Nagecha:- From my school days I had seen my mother and grandmother baking chocolate brownies and various delicacies from the recipes (that were long running in the family) for my birthdays and all special occasions. They would ask me to help them but it never really interested me back then. Somehow it was there in me but post-schooling i got into Design school, never really baked till my 2nd year. It was my best friend’s birthday that year and i just baked her a simple Honey and oats tea-cake as her gift from scratch. She and other friends tried and said it was the most amazing tea cake they ever had. Dad, Mom and my friend motivated me to give it a shot and start baking for occasions and then my design school skills helped me develop my skill set for visualization and design development, colour coordination and all. There was no looking back from that time. As people then were taking formal training to become Pastry chefs and here I was with my Family recipes and just design skill set ready to bake and my journey as a Designer and a Baker started. I recently won the best pastry award last summer by Sarah Todd at a Competition held in the city. I made vegan Fresh mango and Coconut- chia-seed pudding and a healthy savory using the same Ingredients. 

What comes next for Aarohee Nagecha? 

Aarohee Nagecha:- As for the coming years I wish to upgrade my skill sets and try to make a benchmark for the best desserts possible. I have started to cater for small events and parties so that is one stepping stone for the future goals and yes i someday wish to participate in the Masterchef Competition. 

Baking has evolved over the years, bringing new charm and excitement among people. Kindly let us how you keep yourself updated with the trends in Baking? 

Aarohee Nagecha:- Ohh Design evolves everyday. Every small detail around is like an inspiration for me for the design. The likes and dislikes of hobbies, food and colour of the customers I try to create each cake or dessert different from the previous ones. Cake blogs and reading old European cake recipes and trying to experiment them by infusing latest flavours the experimentation never stops. 

What do you do besides working at Delectable Morsels? 

Aarohee Nagecha:- I started as a Designer and now with a hand in baking I didn’t want to lose my touch with that part of my career, so I work a 10-7 job and the other times you will find me baking all delicacies. My day usually consists of 14-15hrs work-time. 


If today was your last day on Earth, what’s the last dessert you’ll eat or would like to bake? 

Aarohee Nagecha:- Last day on earth and a dessert if i had to choose it would not be anything fancy, I would want Gajar ka halwa and puran poli. The traditional Indian sweet dish made by my mother only. I still need to learn to make those like her. 

How important is cake levellers for you as a baker and which is your favourite brand that provides you with perfect cake levellers? 

Aarohee Nagecha:- Cake levelers and i have a funny story. I never knew anything about them when i started baking and though my mother would want me to use her tools and all i wanted things my way back then so i was like this clueless person teenager cutting cakes into halves using a knife. Once I was gifted a Wilton cake leveller by my cousin as a gift and that little gift has changed my finishing and made life so easy and I realized all along my mother was trying to tell me the same but teenager… for all fellow bakers Wilton is the answer for all your tools. No one can match their level of products. 

When it comes to baking, most people think of cakes, pastries, cupcakes and cookies please tell us what is baking for you? 

Aarohee Nagecha:- Baking is a design inspired therapeutic stress buster for me now. Each bake is a designer piece for me different and challenging from the earlier one. 

Given a chance which celebrity would you like to bake for? 

Aarohee Nagecha:- Is it only one !! Can it not be a room full of these celebrities and chefs waiting for their plated desserts? 

Well if it had to be one and only then it would surely be Chef Vikas Khanna without a doubt.