You will learn something new with each cake


When did you decide to start with Baked by kruthi bipin and tell us the weirdest cake order you have received from a guests!

Kruthi Bipin:- I started selling cakes in 2016 . I never had any social media Presence for my cakes, it was always a word of mouth publicity but I decided to do my logo and branding and created an Instagram page in 2019 . My weirdest order was once a client asked me to make a break-up cake , the couple broke off their relationship officially by cutting the cake!

Clearly being a home baker is not an easy task , share with us in your journey baking journey who has been your biggest support?

Kruthi Bipin:- I’m a homemaker first and then a home baker. Working from home is not like a 9-6 job because you have to take care of your house, cooking , kids, other chores and your profession simultaneously. 

My kids and husband are my biggest support system, my housemaid is very supportive. The amount of vessels we put for washing after the cakes are baked and decorated is insane and she does everything with a smile on her face. I’m really lucky to have these people in my life!

“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”

What are the best and worst parts of your profession?

Kruthi Bipin:- The best part is you will get to learn something new in each cake you make and you become more confident!

The feeling is priceless when a client appreciates your hard work .

I wouldn’t say the worst part but I feel bad when I have to say no to my clients when I get too many orders, I manage everything all alone so it becomes really difficult for me to handle so many cakes in a single day!

Congratulations for being the very first few bakers who are making Cakesicles, please tell us from where and how did you get the idea of making cakesicles?

Kruthi Bipin:- cakesicles are nothing but cakes disguised as popsicles!

I saw them on the Internet a few years ago and really like the concept and idea of making them!

You can create whatever theme you want on those tiny pieces of art and they look pretty!

It’s always a big hit with kids !

Kruthi,  you bake everything from scratch and do not add any preservatives then how do you make sure that it does not affect the taste of the cake ?

Kruthi Bipin:- The answer is in the name itself “ preservatives “

You add preservatives to preserve something to stay fresh and increase the shelf like of the product , when you are making and serving freshly made food you don’t need to add preservatives at all . I start making the cake once I get the confirmation from the client , it’s as fresh as that!

What is your take on Indian mithai fusion cake and which more Indian mithai flavoured cake do you see coming next?

Kruthi Bipin:- I would be the happiest person to answer this question!

I have sold around 300+ Rasmalai cakes , Gulab Jamoon cakes , carrot halwa cupcakes .

I think people have already attempted making most of the Indian mithai cakes and Indian mithais are very rich in flavour so why not infuse these into cakes … the outcome is more flavourful and with a great texture.

Please tell us the correct and appropriate nozzles and piping tools for cake decorations, which is your favourite nozzle and piping tool brand ?

Kruthi Bipin:- I work exclusively amidst whipped cream so nozzles play a very important role in this medium of work .

Flower nozzle 

Petal nozzle 

Grass nozzle 

Leaf nozzle 

Round tip nozzles are must-have!

Other important things for cake decorations are 

Good piping bag 

Good quality edible colours 

Silicon spatula 

I like Wilton and Noor brand nozzles.

What does social media play in your profession as a baker?

Kruthi Bipin:- Social media plays a major role in any business because it’s as simple as this  … more people see your work means more business opportunity!

I just created an Instagram handle for my cakes and really surprised by its potential!

My posts are seen by people all over the world because of hashtags!

Tips for Beginners:

Always keep your cakes ready at least 1 hour before pick up time . If something goes wrong while taking the pictures or while putting the cakes into the cake boxes you will have time to re-do it or correct it otherwise we will get panic attacks!

I want to conclude by saying- Cake making is not a cakewalk!!


Baking is my happy place!