Biryani roots originated from Persia states Biryani King


You have expertise in various cuisines, What is the future of oriental cuisine as per the evolving tourism trend India? What makes oriental cuisine unique in itself?

Chef Sunil Soni: This cuisine is popular in Asian and far east countries so the demand is ever so present. Meat and vegetables are cooked together in this cuisine. Mostly steam and stir fry style cooking that makes it easier to cook. They use lots of roots vegetables and fresh ingredients that are not overcooked. Overall healthy too.

You have worked in many countries like Kenya, USA, Kuwait and the list goes on. After witnessing the pattern and structure of the American market and trend, what is our take on ‘Middle-eastern cuisines’ on a global palette?

Chef Sunil Soni: Middle eastern cooking is close to our cooking yet retain its authentic cuisine status. It had natural flavour and usually are mild dishes.

Being the Biryani Man of India, which is your favourite biryani and what is the reason? Furthermore, Fusion cuisine is trending so which cuisine fits best with ‘Biryani’ and why?

Chef Sunil Soni: Biryani roots originated from Persia. Ancient recipes were different and now it has evolved to modern taste. In my books, Lukhnowi biryani has the best taste with rich ingredients. It goes with riata. This used to be the favourites of the nawabs in Awadh.

As a Vice President of Food and Beverages in Goldstone Hotels and Resorts, India, what is the one thing that you make sure that it should be there in your inventory and what makes the food at Goldstone Hotels and Resorts better than any other hotels and resorts?

Chef Sunil Soni: We had a unique cuisine with different flavours and types of biryani catering to the regional tastes. We have introduced healthy cuisine with signature dishes.

Awadhi cuisine is something in which perfection comes with its authenticity? In the USA, you have Tamarind Bay, which received a great response from the diners. If you have ever got a chance to discuss with the guest that what attracts them towards your brand, Please share the same with our reader.

Chef Sunil Soni: I had introduced a stylish and exotic menu in the USA. Americans are foodies and like to interact with their chefs hence I introduced live cooking with one on one interaction which was talk of the town. Customization to each one’s taste was the attraction.

What is the main reason behind the Huge love for the ‘Awadhi Cuisine’ in the western market?

Chef Sunil Soni: Awadhi cuisine has a unique place. It is rich in ingredients and flavour. If cooked properly each flavour opens up in a unique way and in a unique sauce. That gave its immense popularity.

You are the Director of Hospitality Business at Federation of Indian Food and Hospitality Industry (FIFHI) please tell us what is the aim behind FIFHI and how it helps the upcoming entrepreneurs?

Chef Sunil Soni: FIFHI, Federation of Indian food and hospitality industry is the only platform in India who is working for the hospitality industry in a way where each and every part of this industry can work together in an efficient way, FIFHI is connecting all essential keys of the segment ( manufactures, exporters, trading units and professionals like chefs, architects, interior decorates & other consultancy firms and professionals)
FIFHI is also doing a great job by connecting Hotel management institutions to direct with the Hotels, Restaurants, and banquet industry for better placement and exposure to the trainee.
FIFHI also working for the welfare of small enterprises which are not many advanced in terms of offering these products and services for the hospitality industry.
FIFHI is Committed to its members to provide the market not only on India but across the borders as well.

Being the brand ambassador of Le Panche, in your opinion, why should a HORECA prefer Le Panche display ware as compared to any other brand?

Chef Sunil Soni: Le Panache stands for flamboyant, stylish, trendy, confident. Le Panache products are created with perfection, high-quality raw materials are being used in making products &are easy to maintain
Le Panache products come in a wide range that includes modern, Royal, sleek, old ancient emperor series.
Team le Panache offers there customer to bring their ideas & suggestions because we are committed to providing customer needs with our in house design development team. Le Panache products are already accepted in more than 20 countries and by all major hotel chains across the country as well. In 2018 Le Panache products awarded as the best design products
Each and every product of le Panache gives a style and confidence to its user.

How was your experience of being featured in a famous TV show ‘Phantom Gourmet’? What change have you witnessed after getting on AIR because of your profession?

Chef Sunil Soni: It was great exposure for me and was a unique experience, to be appreciated by the public. It brought my cuisine into the map and was the talk of the town. It gave me an impetus to hone my skills even more. I learned from these experiences how to project Indian cuisines in the western market. I was motivated to do even more and bring out more unique recipes