From the words of MasterChef 5 Contestant: MirvaanVinayak


Mirvaan is the young, energetic and a great cook who has a masterclass in making is dishes taste magical. For Mirvaan, MasterChef is a platform where he got to prove his passion and live his dream of being a World-Class Chef. The dedication that Mirvaan has shown at this young age, has been an inspiration for every person who is chasing his/ her dream. Let’s hear straight from Mirvaan about what are his thoughts on MasterChef and how has his journey been till now.

HospiBuz: Every person always has an inspiring story behind him/her. What was something that drove you towards cooking so much at such a young age that you have decided to live up your passion and dream?

Image result for Mirvaan, MasterChefMirvaan Vinayak: I dont know but may be because my family is a big time foodie so i started loving food at a very early age and as sometimes mom used to go out so I started making some food for myself and learnt new recipes from the cookery shows and found out that I really cook well and then started cooking for my friends and family, and thought I’ll do hotel management. So from there I had decided that I want to be in the kitchen and make a career out of it

HospiBuz: You have been from a business class family; what is the secret of successfully handling the societal pressure of joining the family business.

Image result for Mirvaan, MasterChefMirvaan Vinayak: I won’t say joining the business rather not joining the business because in my family out of all of my cousins I was the one who wanted to do something else rather then handling the business which my dad started I always wanted to do something else but not my dads business, as he started his business from the scratch even I wanted to do everything from the scratch coz I can’t rely on ” pakki pakkai khichdi ” so yeah I had to be strong and had to convince my dad that why I don’t fit in his business, yeah it took time but eventually he realised that I am not a family business material.

HospiBuz: What is a specific type of cuisine that you want yourself to be known for and what drives you so much towards that cuisine? 

Image result for Mirvaan, MasterChefMirvaan Vinayak: Of course Indian especially North Indian cuisine coz that is my first love and I can eat it all day long , as I am born in north so I love North Indian. And if I had to choose from around the globe I would say Asian coz that’s my second love ❤️  and I love the balance of sweet , spicy , sour and everything Amazing!!

HospiBuz: How would you rate your experience in MasterChef 5 till now? What is something that MasterChef has taught you which you would always carry with you all over your life?

Image result for Mirvaan, MasterChefMirvaan Vinayak: I would rate it 11 out of 10 coz it gave me alot like a lot!!! I wasn’t that confident before going to the show , I have learnt so much at such an early age and I have found my friends their Samantha and Dinesh ! So I’ll be forever indebted to masterchef for giving me all these!

HospiBuz: In MasterChef season 5 there has been a number of tasks that has been based upon “Teamwork”. How according to you teamwork has its importance in a life of professional chefs and what are the few qualities a good team player must possess while taking up the challenges.

Image result for Mirvaan, MasterChefMirvaan Vinayak: I love team tasks! As i belong to a theatre background, we all stay in a team and I have worked in a team as a junior and as a senior too so I knew how to deal with all the team challenges, it wasn’t that difficult for me but yes it is difficult with some people who are very stubborn and are not flexible in a team you have to be flexible as all the team members are different and they possess different qualities, and the leader should lead the team and lastly he should know all the disadvantages and advantages of every member. Even who ever is following the leader should not think that his job is very small but even because of him the dish is incomplete so every member plays an important role in team challenges

HospiBuz: How does it feel to be judged by world’s best chefs in such a high-profile competition? How do you handle the pressure of expectation and performing on merit at the same time?

Image result for Mirvaan, MasterChefMirvaan Vinayak: Well obviously it feels amazing and it feels that it’s not true but it is, i didn’t ever think in such a way that these judges are celebrity chefs , I always thought they are my teacher or parent and took all their tips as a lesson. Every day in that kitchen I thought its my last, so that’s how I used to cook thinking its my last day in this kitchen and not thinking of winning but rather completing the challenge! And just take whatever comes my way coz everything happens for a reason.

HospiBuz: To all our aspiring chef’s, authors, activists, entrepreneurs and readers what sort of advice would you like to give about following the passion and how to overcome difficult times during this phase.

Image result for Mirvaan, MasterChefMirvaan Vinayak: Yes it is very difficult to follow a passion but someday it will get complete if its your true passion, just stick with it and never let it go as I didn’t. And wait for that perfect chance and hit the nail , and be fearless prepare yourself for all the problems and hurdles on your way coz it’s not easy ! Just go for it everything happens for a reason so take everything with a big smile on your face!!

                                            Thank you so much for your prestigious time!!