In Conversation with Masterchef Shipra Khanna


HospiBuz : Congratulations on your accomplishment of wearing Masterchef Crown. Did you get the idea of starting these ventures while you were a participant or after wearing the crown? How did Masterchef show help you to socialize and gave you chance to learn from the accomplished chef?

Related imageMasterchef Shipra Khanna: Yes, I took initiative after winning the title. Dreams need self confidence and often there is a turning point in life. Master Chef was that point for me that made me realise what i could dream and subsequently attempt to do. Socialising followed as activities started and one thing led to another as is the case when anyone seeks out to achieve something. For me winning Master Chef was a starting point and a beginning of a beautiful and challenging journey before winning.

HospiBuz: Please share your experience working as a culinary expert for a tourism company. What motivated you to become Culinary Connoisseur for Cox and Kings, and Tourism Australia?

Related imageMasterchef Shipra Khanna: Travel and Food have been synonymous from the beginning of time. Travel has been part of world history and trade driven by spice and food. Also when one travels one has little choice but to explore different cuisines. My dream book “The Spice Trail” was a major factor in motivating me. Inherently I am driven by adventure, new experiences and discovering people, cultures et all, What better than experiencing the world via food on my Masterchef Travel sojourn.

HospiBuz: Ma’am, you travel across the globe for promoting Indian food and bring pride to it. What difference do you find in the culinary skills in and outside India?

Related imageMasterchef Shipra Khanna: Ingredients, changing taste buds in the current Global scenario. The world is becoming a smaller place & food is fast changing as are tastes. When it comes to cooking, climate, water, altitude and the palate of the people you are cooking for , all make a marked difference in a culinary quest.

HospiBuz : What do you enjoy more hosting a food show on Indian television or working with Cox and Kings, and Tourism Australia as their Culinary Connoisseur ? How are these assignments different from each other?

Related imageMasterchef Shipra Khanna: I enjoy everything I do. The assignments are very different from each other, yet have common grounds i.e. Food , Traveling also gives me an insight to the local cuisine of the country I travel to , whereas the recipes I do on Indian and International Television shows are my own.

HospiBuz : Along with successful celebrity chef you are an epitome entrepreneur and author. How do you manage so many tasks perfectly?

Related imageMasterchef Shipra Khanna: Time management, focus and discipline . Also if you enjoy doing what you do, you can happily work much longer hours.

HospiBuz: Ma’am you have come up with your restaurant, how different is it to manage a restaurant as compare to the chef in the kitchen?

Related imageMasterchef Shipra Khanna: I have consulted for creating restaurants and Menus. Interiors and themes. Hands on running of a restaurant is a full time job and needs a full time Chef.

HospiBuz: You are a perfect example of woman empowerment. How being a woman helped you to excel in reaching victorious level? Who helped you or became you support pillar to reach this level?

Related imageMasterchef Shipra Khanna: Faith that people have in you and well wishes. My line, Food is all about people and hospitality and understanding that part, helps in every offshoot in being enterprising in every level.

HospiBuz: You have countless admirer and follower all over the world; please share your success mantra with them.

Related imageMasterchef Shipra Khanna: Passion and breaking conventional rules is the secret in todays day and age. One must first dream to someday make it a reality. Believe in yourself and God.

HospiBuz: Ma’am how do you define “Cooking”, “Coffee” and “chef”.

Related imageMasterchef Shipra Khanna: Cooking is focus, coffee is the break & A Chef should enjoy both :) 

Thank you so much for your prestigious time!!